Skip Sizes

What size skip do you need?

Choosing the right size skip for your needs makes the whole process of waste disposal easier. At Go Waste (U.K.) Ltd, we will help you choose exactly the right skip size for your waste disposal needs and space restrictions.
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Skips to fit the space available

Sometimes there can be a delicate balance between finding a skip large enough to meet your waste disposal needs, yet compact enough to fit into the space that you have available. Go Waste (U.K.) Ltd makes it easy for you to strike this balance by offering you a wide selection of skip sizes, meaning you are never forced to choose something bigger or smaller than what you really need. For easy guidance, just consult our chart, if you’re still not sure then all you need to do is call us up and ask.

Our skip sizes:

  • 3 Yd (Midi skip)

  • 4 yd

  • 7 yd (Builder's Skip)

  • 12 yd

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